Democratising Blockchain for Developers and Enterprises

Blockchain is poised to revolutionise the business world, but a global shortage of skilled developers is preventing organisations from advancing their blockchain initiatives.

Chainlify was founded to help businesses, regardless of size, break into blockchain faster. Our powerful Blockchain-as-a-Service platform lowers the entry level skillset requirements for developers so they can move swiftly and confidently into blockchain projects. With a full suite of industry-leading tools and access to the most progressive blockchain community on the planet, we created Chainlify to help you start building the applications of the future, today.

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Mission Statement & Vision

Pioneers of Blockchain Development Services.

Our mission is to enable the creation of wealth by forging knowledge, opening up accessibility and driving businesses and individuals into a faster, safer, more efficient, and prosperous future.

Our vision is to be a leader in blockchain services and products, to dominate the tech innovation sector, and to advance blockchain project development into an easily accessible technology for both individuals and organisations.


Chainlify is backed by a world-class team at the vanguard of blockchain development and web technologies. With a broad range of backgrounds in IT, software development, business innovation and blockchain, Chainlify’s leadership embodies a unique blend of skills and experience that has proven invaluable to our company’s growth, as we hope it will to yours.

Carl Craig
Chief Executive Officer
Carl is a highly skilled web technology specialist. With his in-depth industry experience, knowledge... read more
Loki Wijnen
Chief Technology Officer
Loki is a full stack web solutions developer with over 14 years experience in the development of... read more
Glyn Craig
Founder, Business Strategy & Finance
Glyn understands the needs of business and how blockchain technology will become an integral part... read more
Jon Percy
Chief Legal Officer
Jon brings over ten years’ experience gained both in big law firms and in-house. He has worked... read more
Ashleigh Simonelli
Senior Developer
Ashleigh is an IT perfectionist with a particular interest in modern web technologies and... read more
Theresa Davis
Lead Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Theresa has close to 30 years experience in operation and management of server... read more
Mike Onslow
Senior Front-End Developer
Specialising in front end development, Mike has a great understanding of what is needed to get a product... read more
Helen Bennett
Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
With a background in defence and astronomical research Helen has an attention to detail that... read more
Pernilla Craig
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Pernilla experience with machine learning and autonomous systems are a huge asset to Chainlify... read more

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Chainlify is looking for driven individuals from all types of development backgrounds to help us bring the next generation of blockchain solutions to life in the enterprise.

At Chainlify, you will be part of an inspiring, forward-thinking, hard-working team of blockchain pioneers, visionary disruptors, business transformers and digital innovators. From the very start we’ve set our sights high. We push the limits to maximise the impact of everything we do. We take pride in our work and have a long-term vision for creating the very best blockchain platform, solutions and community in the world.

If you think you could be the next blockchain Rockstar and want to join a company built for innovation, excellence and success, please send your CV to us.

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