New Marketing Partnership

New Marketing Partnership

Whilst August in the UK may typically be considered part of the ‘the silly season’ due to holidays, at Chainlify the move towards full development of its Blockchain Platform and associated Programming Toolbox has seen the pace of progress increasing on a daily basis.

We have in the past week signed a marketing agreement with Incisive Edge who are a leading company in the world of Tech Marketing. Incisive Edge will be applying their considerable expertise assisting Chainlify’s transition into the real world.

August has also seen Chainlify commence a hiring process that involves Developers, Video Technicians as well as Administrators. With work on our new office complex nearing completion, we look forward to it coming online in September, the timing has been perfect.

News from around the world continues to show that acceptance of Blockchain Technology along with the security and transparency it will offer continues to grow. A number of US states are legislating to compel the establishment of Blockchain payment platforms. A look at 50 of the largest companies in the world (Forbes) shows them all to be utilising and developing their own Blockchain platforms/services.

With our intuitive Blockchain Platform scheduled to enter the market in Q2 2020 set to open the floodgates for developers working on Blockchain projects we can’t help but believe our timing has again been perfect.

By Glyn Craig on 02 August, 2019

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