If we can think it...

If we can think it...

Over fifty years ago an early episode of Star Trek featured the crew visiting a planet where every piece of information related to that planet was accessible via a computer terminal. Today, over half a century later, we see the fragmented online world of social media, the Internet of Things, as well as AI and machine learning (the list goes on) coalescing into the same choate Internet of Everything.

To support the colossal weight of information that will go to make up the Internet of Everything the world must provide a foundational base capable of supporting it. The only candidate in this race is Blockchain Technology. Blockchains provide immutable, timestamped records that are verified, secure, and transparent. All the attributes that will be needed to underpin the Internet of Everything.

So, what’s the hold up? Today, according to numerous online sources, the world contains around 27 million software developers. Of this number only around 100,000 are involved with Blockchain based projects – that is less than 0.004% of developers worldwide. Whilst precise numbers are not publicly known it is apparent that the majority of these are located in just one country (China). Perhaps this maybe a reflection of the technologically forward-looking Chinese government’s belief in Blockchain Technology and the support they provide their software developers as they transition to this new tech.

The biggest obstacles to transitioning to Blockchain based projects for developers are cost and loss of income whilst learning. Chainlify recognizes this and has developed its free to use Blockchain development platform as a portal which will enable large scale migration of developers to Blockchain. Our ever-growing developer’s toolbox will provide shortcuts and GUI based templates (including our innovative upgradeable Smart Contracts) which will guide the user through the process enabling them to expedite Blockchain projects to deployment. The Chainlify platform’s agnostic software also means that the developer can develop their early-stage projects in a free space provided by Chainlify without the need to embed them in an expensive hosts platform prior to deployment. The Chainliverse (marketplace) will provide users with a space to interact with other users buying/selling or open sourcing project related software solutions.

As the online world coalesces into the Internet of Everything Blockchain Technology will be the glue that binds it into a trusted, verified, secure, and transparent whole.

By Glyn Craig on 10 May, 2022

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