Development Update

Development Update

The past month has been extremely productive for Chainlify. The team has been busy expanding the platform's support for various Blockchain Technologies.

Our primary focus during the month has been to improve our support for more Ethereum networks via Chainlify. Developers will soon be able to seamlessly integrate their applications with the Ethereum Mainnet, enabling streamlined access to the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

Work has continued on our brand new Identity Vault which, along with access to numerous Ethereum Networks, will enable our developers to build global applications utilising all the stable systems and services offered via the Ethereum Mainnet.

Our team has also been hard at work ensuring the Chainlify Platform supports new and exciting technologies. To this end we are currently in the early stages of incorporating both Cardano and Hyperledger Fabric into the Chainlify Ecosystem, both of which will be a great asset to blockchain developers.

Developers will also soon be able to test out our brand new Build system, which will enable Chainlify to support a huge array of hosting setups. We are also actively working with industry standard technologies including Docker and Kubernetes, and soon these too will become integral systems within the Chainlify toolset.

As we get closer to beta, we are continuing to add and improve the Chainlify Platform, providing our members with new and exciting systems to speed up their application development. As always we value our community’s feedback which helps us develop and enhance the Chainlify Platform's services and tools.

We would like to thank all our backers for continuing to support the Chainlify Project. We are excited to continue our journey through the ever growing Blockchain ecosystem.

By Carl Craig on 06 September, 2021

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